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Our ideas transformed into inspiration.  This inspiration and the craving desire to pursue the mission of love through service, exclusively for the under- privileged became a practical reality in the history of the Capuchins of Tamil Nadu Province.  More....

Children Homes

This is one of our regular ongoing programmes to provide education to the underprivileged children, orphans and semi-orphans.   More...

Tuition Centres

This prgramme aims at establishing free-tuition centres for the underprivileged slum and rural children.  Now the number of Udhayam Free Tuition Centres have swelled to 36More.....



Udhayam Polytechnic College

The project place is Thenkuda, Rameswaram Island of Sivagangai Diocese, Tamil Nadu.  In order to uplift the unemployed youth in and around Thenkuda, this college has been started.  More....


Agri & Animal Husbandry Training Centre

With an aim to give eco-friendly agriculture and animal husbandry training we initiated this project targeting the poor farmers of Ramnad and Sivagangai districts of Tamil Nadu.  More...

Driving Schools

Learning driving in commercial schools is very expensive.  This programme is of great help to the neglected and underprivileged youth.  More....

Computer Centres

The foremost intention to pursue this Computer Training venture is solely to provide job oriented technical education, with a view to job opportunities for the poor youth.  More....

Tailoring Centres

This programme aims at economic freedom for poor, underprivileged dalit women.  Women's empowerment, especially the poor and the illiterate, is an important agenda in our development efforts.  More....


Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences

The mission of Anugraha is to promote excellence in the fields of psychotherapy, counselling, training, supervision, and related research.  Courses are conducted regularly.  More....

Upcoming Events


New Courses at Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences


14-15 March 2009 - Spiritual Quotient Retreat

28-29 March 2009 -              ,,

16-20 March 2009 - Inner Journey Retreat



Spoken English Course


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